Now Hiring: Funeral Jobs

Shadow of woman standing by car with wreath attached to trunk
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It's all too easy to forget that the funeral business is exactly that: a business. If you've ever watched HBO's Six Feet Under, then you're at least somewhat familiar with the politics, budgeting, and lofty client demands that go on behind the scenes; to everyone else, the funeral industry is likely morbid, mysterious, and begs the question of why someone would ever choose to enter it.

The answer? It's a calling. Workers in the funeral industry are uncommonly passionate about what they do--in a line of work that doesn't exactly lend itself to light party anecdotes, they have to be. Below you'll find a range of jobs in the funeral and mortuary business, many of which are macabre--some even potentially distasteful--but all of which are truly necessary in an industry concerned, first and foremost, with helping people in their time of need.