If I could be one video game character I'd be...

Sam Leichtamer

Sometimes games are so awesome and so immersive that you can't help but imagine, what if I was a character in a video game? Admit it ...at some point in time your brain definitely nerd-ed out and you imagined yourself in a game. No? Okay, I'll confess! As a long-time gamer I could imagine living in The Lost Isles possibly forever....

As for specific characters, I always wanted to be Tifa Lockhart in Final Fantasy VII.

Honestly, what girl wouldn't want to be Tifa? She's strong and sexy. She's the first femme fighter to use brute force over magic by delivering her enemies a brutal beating of mixed martial arts and knuckle sandwiches ...and her strength isn't just physical, it's also emotional. Tifa serves as a maternal figure, taking care of ex-soliders, refugees, and orphans. She's one fierce mama bear. Between being the rock that Cloud leans on and the bad-ass the team relies on, she is easily the baddest chick of Final Fantasy VII.

The good people at USgamer also took a dive, deep into their imaginations, in this featured editorial. How about you guys? Who would you want to be?

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