How to play Hexiled for iOS!

If your a big fan of word games like Spelltower, Words with Friends, and Boggle, we're sure you'll love Hexiled, a brand new puzzle word game out on iOS! Words are fun, but you know whats more fun? WORDS IN SPACE!

There are three game modes: Escape, Explore, and Survive. Escape mode gives you 10 minutes to spell your way out of a huge grid. Explore mode which allows you to spell and rack up points at your own pace, and Survive mode which has you racing against the clock!

Robert Workman of Modojo is here to answer your most important questions about 'Hexiled' like: How do you play Hexiled? How do you use Hexabombs in Hexiled? What modes are available in Hexiled? Do I need to pay for anything in Hexiled?

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