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Swipe left for NO. Swipe right for YES. If the feeling is mutual, connect and reveal your identity. No, it's not online dating. It's the future of job search: anonymous, simple and mobile.

Finding a job is hard work. The journey can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming. From discovering opportunities through the application process to finally interviewing, it is a long and winding road. One company wants to change all that. The recently launched Switch app is truly a Tinder for jobs. They aim to take the pain out of the search and connect the right people to the right jobs.switch logo

Co-founder Brett Martin says Switch seeks to "put the power back in the hands of the job seeker. Make it safe and make it comfortable." The company draws on user data to provide "highly curated and highly relevant" job opportunities to the best candidates.

Getting started is quick and easy. Create an account using LinkedIn. Customize your headline, list your top three experiences, showcase five skills and post how many years of experience you have. Optimizing your profile is critical. This is your chance to highlight what makes you a great candidate. Recruiters are browsing your profile in the same way you are browsing jobs. Choose wisely and stand out.

"A swipe right could be a brand new job and change someone's life." Brett Martin, Co-Founder, Switch

Once you are set up you anonymously browse a daily selection of jobs based on your profile and preferences. As mentioned above, a swipe to the left says no. A swipe to the right says yes. If recruiters and/or hiring managers want to make a connection, they will contact you through the app. After that, you can communicate directly and determine next steps. It's that easy.

The more you swipe, the better the app learns what you're seeking and continually improves the daily offering. This is data-drive job matching in action. As I have used the app over the last week the jobs are getting more specific to my experience. I've already made a few matches and look forward to using the app every day.

Martin says, "All good apps make it easier for people to share. We make it easier for job seekers to share their interest in jobs and for recruiters to share their interest in passive job seekers."

The rest of the team behind Switch includes Martin's fellow co-founders Yang Mou and Yarden Tadmor. They recently brought in data scientist and new CTO, Ricky Chang, who built eBay's recommendation algorithms to further fine-tune the app's ability to learn your preferences and deliver only the most relevant opportunities.

While Switch is focused on NYC tech and digital media jobs right now, they plan to roll out in other cities soon. Based on my few days of test-driving the app, be ready when Switch comes to your town. Your future could be one swipe away.
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