Job Descriptions Decoded: Managing Editor, Travel Website

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Are you seeking an opportunity in the digital marketing space? One thing we know: when you're applying for a position that involves marketing, you better be good at marketing yourself. No one will be interested in hiring an employee who doesn't clearly understand how to target content to the audience.This position for a Digital Content Editor requires you to "oversee the daily management, curation, creation and social distribution and management of a digital presence for a leading travel organization." If you have all of those skills and more, get started by writing a resume that makes it clear exactly how you fit the role.

This job asks for it all: identifying and mapping out strategy, creating content, managing a team and overseeing a "community," which requires focusing on the audience of readers to engage them with the brand.

Of course, it's preferable if you have a specific background the travel world. The description mentions a preference for "experience in consumer and b2b travel and destination journalism." If that language resonates with you, be sure to include it in your materials. Perhaps you've traveled the world and blogged about your experiences? Or, you've participated in b2b exchanges in the travel world? Be sure to write several bullet points on your resume featuring this experience.

For example: Invited guest to travel to multiple island destinations in exchange for authentic, accurate, engaging reviews and first-hand stories. Hotels' booking rate increased 29% due to resulting posts on

There's nothing like asking for the sun, moon and stars in a job description! If you've written content to market travel destinations, you'll have that area covered, but don't forget to list the additional languages in which you speak and write fluently, if applicable.

This is a good example of a job that calls out for you to include examples of your personal interests and passions. However, while you may love the outdoors and international travel, and you can list that fact in an "Additional Information" section at the bottom of your resume, it's even better if you've had the opportunity to demonstrate this passion in a work, or even in a volunteer, setting. That way, you can describe your interests as they specifically relate to the job.

For example: Demonstrated passionate interest in outdoorsmanship as lead social media contact for "Go it Alone," an all volunteer organization dedicated to identifying and writing about international outdoor adventures for introverts. Increased their following by over 300% in just two months and grew subscription list from zero to over 350 members in that time.

The position lists key items by category, and it is a great idea for you to clearly hit on all of the elements they list: content, strategy, analytics, writing and managing. You'll want to demonstrate your background and experience in each section of this job description. Depending on the depth of your background in each, you may want to create a sub-header or headline for each main category and list your background under each one to make it very clear that you have the desired experience.

It's important to note if you've ever managed people, even if it wasn't in a similar role. If the management piece is a reach for you, but you have all the other topics covered, be sure to incorporate any management experience, even if it doesn't seem related. For example, if you oversaw and managed a tea of any kind (sports, volunteer or work related), don't leave it off your resume. The applicant tracking system that is likely reviewing all submitted resumes will be scanning for management and probably supervisory experience, so include those words and descriptions in your materials.

Assuming you have experience authoring the type of quizzes, lists and features called for in this job, include links to samples of your work. It's a good idea to have a place online where someone can go to refer to your online content. For example, LinkedIn allows you to share "rich media content," (please add link: you can upload your links to your profile and refer potential employers there. Alternatively, you may want to create a social resume, or online space to illustrate your expertise. If you can use to feature your portfolio, and even a blog, you'll be ahead of others applying for this job.

Clearly, this is a busy job, with a lot of areas of responsibility. The better you are able to indicate how much complexity you managed in your current and previous positions, the more qualified you will appear for this job.

For example: Oversaw complicated calendar of events and ensured all stakeholders had accurate, detailed information, resulting in well-read, SEO content that represented organization's brand.

Another example of a bullet point to address this job's needs:

Carefully reviewed and edited all contributions and incorporated high-quality images and descriptive language to ensure readers can easily picture and experience destinations via reading content.

The position involves being able to research and find great content in addition to creating it. If you have a background as a researcher, or specifics regarding how you are able to discover hard-to-find information online, that would be helpful to mention.

If you've already created relationships with applicable bloggers and videographers, this is the time to drop some names. Even if your relationships are not with sought after travel bloggers, make a point to indicate if you are great at building online relationships. Be specific about how you do so.

The employer has made it easy for you to identify and hone in on exactly what they want to know about you. Pay attention to every detail and make sure you address each of these items in your materials.

If you're well suited to this job, you should be able to include some verbiage to address these points. Note what blogs you already read. (Presumably, many in the travel space) and demonstrate your qualifications by telling your own story well. Assuming you use social media tools professionally and/or personally, be sure to provide easy access to them in your application materials.

This is more great fodder for your resume: do you attend events, such as conferences and networking programs? How do you cull the big ideas from all of the noise?

Note these and other tools you use, but focus on Google Analytics, as this is their obvious "go to" program.

Most importantly when applying for this type of job: make sure there are no errors in your materials. One mistake will likely take you out of the running.

This is an invitation to indicate how efficient you are. You can travel all night and file a compelling story as soon as you get to the destination.

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