How to Donate to Habitat for Humanity ReStore

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ShutterstockIf the item you want to donate doesn't fit in your car, Habitat for Humanity ReStores will pick it up for free!

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So you're ready for a new couch. What do you do with the old one? Instead of leaving it curbside with a handwritten "Free" sign or tossing it in a dumpster, give Habitat for Humanity's ReStore a call.

Habitat for Humanity ReStores are nonprofit home improvement stores and donation centers that sell gently used furniture, decor, building materials and appliances at a fraction of the price. All of the proceeds are used to build homes by Habitat for Humanity.

You can drop off just about anything home related, from hammers to lamps and even still-working refrigerators. And, if the item you want to donate doesn't fit in your car, ReStores will pick it up for free! To find a ReStore in your area, visit

Appliances: All appliances must be in 100 percent working order, clean, and have all knobs present to be suitable for pickup. Appliances should be 15 years old or less. However, nonworking appliances can be dropped off at a ReStore for recycling.

Building Materials: Unused and leftover building materials can be donated. This can include insulation, lumber, plywood, roofing and sheetrock.

Cabinetry: Full kitchen cabinet sets are preferred, and the cabinets must be whole. ReStore cannot take individual cabinet components (such as cabinet doors). Please do not disassemble cabinetry.

Furniture: All furniture must be free of stains, rips, pet fur and other significant blemishes. ReStore will accept children's furniture such as small tables or chairs, but not cribs. They also cannot accept office furniture or incomplete bedframes.

Flooring: Flooring is accepted, including carpet, granite, hardwood, laminate, marble, tile and vinyl. The minimum donation of flooring materials is typically 100 feet squared.

Hardware: Hardware is accepted! These items include doorknobs, hinges, bolts, screws and nails. Please make sure these items are boxed or are in a container (if applicable) prior to the donation.

Heating & Cooling: Heating and cooling items like AC units, furnaces and swamp coolers are accepted, but they must be in working order.

Plumbing & Fixtures: ReStore will accept all copper, PVC & ABS fittings, as well as bathtubs, heaters, sinks and toilets. All materials must be clean and free of mildew and mold.

Note that your local Restore may have more detailed guidelines. We recommend giving your local branch a call if you're unsure about an item.

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