This Week's Greatest Hits (July 28 - Aug 1)

make up woman with many hands....
ShutterstockAOL Jobs got a makeover this past week, and we feel like the belle of the ball!

You may have noticed that things look a bit different around here this week. That's right: AOL Jobs has received a bit of a facelift, and we're proud to announce that our site is better and easier to use than ever. Don't we look pretty?

Beyond the cosmetic upgrades, be sure to check out our new Job Hubs, where we bring together all the essential information--job listings, salaries, headlines, and more--for a given industry. You can check out our hubs for administrative and financial jobs right now, but stay tuned--we'll be adding plenty more soon. Tell us what you want to see next in the comments below.

Here are our picks for news, advice, and more for the past week:

1. Millennials Lack Soft Skills: Same Old Story, New Buzzwords
2. Switch: A Tinder for Jobs
3. Negotiations: Use Your Creativity to Advantage
4. LinkedIn Profile Picture - What Works (And What Doesn't!)
5. Do You Have a Work Spouse?
6. 4 Career Lessons From 'Weird Al' Yankovic
7. Clean Trade: Why I Quit My Glamour Job To Clean Toilets
8. McDonald's In The Frying Pan
9. Can My Employer Track My Location On My Personal Device?
10. What It Takes To Be In Customer Service

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