Education Blogger Allegedly Fired For Writing About Homophones

A homophone is a pair or group of words, like "flea" and "flee," that sound the same but have different meanings. It is a grammatical concept, one of many covered in blog posts by Tim Torkildson, a former social media coordinator at Nomen Global Language Center. It doesn't have anything to do with homosexuality, unless there is another word that sounds exactly like "homosexuality" but is spelled differently. Nevertheless, Torkildson, who was fired after writing a post on the topic, is saying that he was let go because his boss believed he was attempting to push some kind of "gay agenda"--apparently the grammar-conscious kind.
"I was taken by surprise when he just said, 'You're gone,'" Torkildson told Fox 13. He was hired last April to blog about and tweet educational tips for the Provo, Utah learning center, and frequently posted about punctuation, capitalization, and homonyms.

But then Torkildsen published a post on the subject of the homophone, which his boss evidently took to mean not two different words that sound alike, but two different words that sound alike and also gay people.

"His words to me were, 'Some people might think that a blog on homophones has something to do with homosexuality.' And that's as far as he went on that," Torkildsen told Newsweek. "He said he hadn't looked the word up, and then he realized what it was."

This man is in charge of running a language center, by the way.

"His objection mainly was he thought the students at the school would not understand. And they would become offended or think the school would have some kind of gay agenda."

His boss, Clarke Woodger, has said only that Torkildson was fired "for cause," and that Nomen Global does not have an anti-gay agenda or discriminate. Still, we're guessing he'd be glad to learn that the name of his company is a homophone for "no men," if he had any freaking clue what a homophone is.
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