5 highly recommended Wii U games!


You may not have realized this, but the new console generation actually started two years ago with the release of the Wii U. Until recently, Wii U sales have been less than stellar, but that doesn't mean that great games haven't been being released all this time.

Don't wait until Super Smash Bros. comes out this fall, USGamer is here to remind us of all the great Wii U games you may have missed while your eyes were locked on your 3DS:

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze isn't the most ambitious game, but it throws its characters into unique and clever challenges with each new level. Nintendo would be pushing it if they went for another Donkey Kong game in this style, but for now, Tropical Freeze can sit alongside Super Mario 3D World as one of the finest platformers of this generation.

Mario Kart 8

Nintendo needed another great game to make the Wii U look as enticing as possible and Mario Kart 8 fits the bill. The anti-gravity gameplay slots in alongside classic kart racing, hang-gliding, and underwater action. All the tracks look amazing and Nintendo has a lot of fun making each track twist, turn, and soar into the sky. Robust online multiplayer, downloadable player ghosts, and Mario Kart TV add a bit of extra muscle. Mario Kart 8 is not the best in the series, but it does stand near the top.

Super Mario 3D World

A spot-on exploration of what Nintendo really does best: Create varied and surprising twists on concepts and ingredients you thought you knew inside-out. The fact that 3D World remains lively and interesting despite calling back to so many well-loved classics serves as a succinct reminder as to why Mario remains successful after so many years and so many games: At its heart, the series is ultimately just about having simple, unpretentious fun.

Pushmo World

Pushmo World: The 'Mo series has been one of Nintendo's best new properties in recent years, so it's great to see it take a leap to the Wii U. And even if you don't consider yourself a master of puzzles, the game does an excellent job of slowly breaking you into its increasing complexity. If you're willing to toss some money in Nintendo's direction, Pushmo World offers enough cerebral challenges to keep you busy throughout the summer - or whenever you need some time away from Mario Kart 8.

Lego Marvel Superheroes

For families or individuals who love Marvel comics, movies, or cartoons, Lego Marvel Superheroes is the perfect pick-up. Its just packed with fun things to do, and has a great sense of humor. (Link is to PS4 review, but the Wii U version is the same).

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