Wistia Hires Non-Technical Employees to Learn Code


In workplaces throughout the world, coding is in demand. With that demand comes comfortable salaries. According to Indeed.com, software developers in the United States averaged a salary of $97,000 in July 2014. Then again, that salary might not be as comfortable as it looks when looking at tuition costs.

In San Francisco, Hack Reactor charges $17,780 for just a 12-week semester. That's not too far off from a semester at an Ivy League university. However, when Hack Reactor touts a 99% graduation rate and an estimated graduate salary of $105,000, the ends appear to justify the mean.

Then, there are other companies taking a different approach. As Business Insider reports, Cambridge, Massachusetts' Wistia is one of those making the desire to code work for them and their employees. At the video hosting company, they hire employees with non-technical backgrounds to work in customer support as they learn to code from within Wistia's Code School.

At Code School, eager non-technical employees, including support agents– or Customer Champions, train in hands-on environments that put them in weekly one-hour sessions with developers. A semester at Wistia can run from four to five months, but the training has paid off beyond knowing a valuable skill. Champions and developers benefit from the gleaned knowledge.

Champions now have more confidence in their ability to support a customer, relying less on passing the complaint ticket to the developers. Instead, the champions can assist a customer themselves. This can lead to quicker conflict resolution, increased customer satisfaction and a better working relationship within Wistia's departments.

By learning programming languages and frameworks, the departments are less often passing work off to each other. Rather, they are collaborating on projects and increasing brand knowledge for all involved.

Not all of Wistia's newly trained employees will move into a developer role. However, they are now poised to compete for software developer jobs with the coders that came from the top-flight schools without paying the tuition. Hopefully, this will help several individuals increase their salaries while pursuing a new career field that is in demand.

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Wistia Hires Non-Technical Employees to Learn Code

Average salary: $84,000

Description: The Director of System Architecture is responsible for driving Product Development from Architecture to Product release, to ensure an holistic approach across all disciplines as well as adherence to technical, commercial & cost constraints. Essential responsibilities include: Provide technical and managerial oversight to a team of system architects responsible for product architecture and technical leadership inside the OSS organization. Define Product PRD & Architecture from MRD (from Business Line Managers). Drive the Holistic Development of each Product (& Roadmap) to maintain the consistency and integrity of the architecture across all disciplines inc. mechanical, electrical, power, firmware, and especially cost. Output: Product delivered to market with best-in-class Time-to-market, Cost, & Quality.

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Average salary: $75,000

Description: Responsible for management of product line including product planning, product definition, profit and loss, sales performance, forecasting, product margin, promotion and product life cycle management and developing strategies to optimize the performance of existing and new products. Responsible for coordinating with development engineering and manufacturing regarding the activities of strategic business partners relative to assigned products. Position interacts frequently with Marketing, Sales, third party partners and other Rockwell product groups. May or may not have supervisory responsibilities.

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Average salary: $59,000

Description: The ideal candidate will have experience working with OpenStack or similar technologies, experience with Automation tools such as Chef or Puppet, and experience with scripting (python preferred). Responsibilities Include: Management planning and implementation of infrastructure deployments. Managing multiple projects simultaneously with a strict attention to detail. Work in a fast paced cross-functional environment supporting multiple group. Ability to ramp up quickly on any type of new technology. Ability to assess and remediate problems in a fast paced high stress environment. Ability to work independently, bring creative solutions to fruition and hold yourself and your colleagues to a high standard of quality.

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Average salary: $78,000

Description: Data is a key component of the DX1 system and our team is responsible for all data that is loaded to the DX1 system. We work on ETL solutions for data that is received from various sources and in different formats. Additionally we build web based tools for scheduling, executing and monitoring data processes. We are looking for a talented back end developer with 3+ years of industry experience to join our team. In this role you will have the opportunity to work with several of the latest Microsoft development tools including Visual Studio, SSMS, SSIS, SQL Server database hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud, .Net, C# and more. We have a great work environment, state-of-the-art facility in downtown Norfolk, flexible work hours and all our developers have best-of-breed hardware with dual LED monitors.

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Average salary: $77,000

Description: You'll be responsible for working with other developers and designers in the Creative Department as well as Product Management, Engineering and Marketing to improve the Code42 public websites. Solving complex problems (90% of which will be created by designers that think it’s actually not a problem) and implementing designs with elegant solutions using JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS. Actively contributing ideas for website improvements and solutions to technology challenges. Showing a passion for continued learning, staying abreast of new technology and trends - we would love to be the first to implement something that everyone else will eventually copy. Delivering clean code, maintaining design, user experience and brand requirements throughout the development process.

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Average salary: $68,000

Description: We are hiring for the Helpdesk consultant position to support machines that are used by our remote training team. The job requires someone with a solid understanding of Windows Operating systems, basic skills and experience with networking technology such as consumer and business routers and WiFi networks. This is a 40hr/week contract position and hours are within 9am to 6pm.

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Median salary: $87,500

Description: Android Developers at CapTech are part of an intelligent, highly motivated community of developers who strive to continuously learn the latest tools and architectures to deliver innovative solutions for our clients. They are developers are involved in the design, development and delivery of innovative mobile solutions in partnership with a variety of Fortune 500 clients. CapTech’s developers enjoy a highly collaborative environment and have many opportunities to learn from and share knowledge with other CapTech developers, architects, and our clients. 

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Average salary: $75,000

Description: Developers write code to enhance the product or resolve issues with the product. Expectations for developers range from low (entry level) to high (senior members). Responsibilities: Competent with necessary tools/technology. Implement design specifications into the product. Understand and apply programming and user interface standards applicable to the product. Understand the purpose and desired results of changes made. Spends 90% of working time writing code or understanding software/technical interactions to enable them to finish coding/testing of their work.

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Average salary: $69,000

Description: The Senior User Researcher will have the ability to bring the tools and methods of user-centered research and design into all stages of application requirements, design, and development. The Senior User Researcher will lead research efforts to support iterative design and development for consumable applications in a range of contexts from waterfall processes to Agile software development methods. The Senior User Researcher will coordinate with interaction designers, project manages and multi-disciplinary teams. The Senior User Researcher will have an advanced understanding of the interplay between business requirements, product strategy, and user experience. 

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Base pay: $30 - 40/hr

Description: Linux systems administrator position to manage the Open Source Technology Center infrastructure environment that consists of OpenSUSE machines running a number of services including Open Build System (OBS), JIRA, Apache, Drupal running under Xen. In addition, the candidate will also be administrating a number of machines that build source code like the Android build system (buildbot) and managing webservers as well. Candidate is expected to debug issues, perform maintenance like patching, dispatching tickets, and security updates.

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