Game of the Day: Zombies Can't Jump

Hordes of zombies shamble towards your position! All seems lost, until you suddenly realize: Zombies Can't Jump!

Grab your weapons and construction kit and prepare for the zombie invasion in today's Game of the Day: Zombies Can't Jump! Challenge and fun awaits you in this original, nail hammering, zombie defense game. You control two survivors of the zombie outbreak, who must survive against oncoming hordes of zombies. In order to escape from the zombies, your two characters must build towers to stand on. The higher they are, the safer you are! Don't let the zombies get to you: build defenses, collect powerful weapons, and unleash your survival rage.

Battle your way through 20 original levels and unlock 2 survival challenges, all re-playable in different ways. Best of all: this game works on mobile devices as well, so take your zombie defenses with you on the go!

Click Here to play Zombies Can't Jump!

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