Love falling block puzzle games? This one's just for you!

I don't know about you, but I love falling and sliding block-puzzle games. Theres just no better way to pass time than a fast paced game of Collapse, Qbeez, or the latest falling-block puzzle game to come to iOS, Poptile!

Poptile offers the same fun as other similar games out on the market but with a sleak new look. The bright color scheme and clean cut design make this game visually stimulating compared to its competitors. Its minimalistic yet stylish appearance is sure to appeal to the majority of iPhone and iPad users out there.

So just how do you play Poptile? Modojo is here with this quick guide to answer your most important Poptile questions like: How do I perform combos in Poptile? How does the -3 power-up work in Poptile? ...and do I need to pay for anything in Poptile?

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