Now Hiring: Defense & Aerospace Jobs

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

Some of today's job titles, all of which fall under the defense/aerospace umbrella, are a little more...exotic than usual. Global Hawk Sensors Integration Engineer? Director of Hybrid Complex Warfare Science? Many of the titles here are terrifyingly descriptive, calling to mind heat-seeking missiles and the closing shot of Doctor Strangelove (which we've lovingly included above).

But regardless of how you feel about the end products of this business, few would argue that it takes a fine mind to succeed in an aeronautical position, the types of people who know their way around a blueprint and can recite pi up to 1,000 places. Sound like you? Grab your thinking cap and check out the ten best defense and aeronautic jobs now hiring.

Now Hiring: Defense & Aerospace Jobs
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Now Hiring: Defense & Aerospace Jobs

Salary: $120,749 - $181,500.00

Description: As the Division Director, he/she is responsible for fostering innovative concepts, identifying critical program goals and objectives, and executing an integrated program of basic research, applied research and advanced technology development in the science and technology (S&T) for ISR, C4, Firepower, Maneuver, Force Protection, Human Performance and Training, and Logistics. He/she is responsible for developing an S&T program to address these objectives, executing this program and setting budget priorities, and transitioning the resulting technology to the Navy and Marine Corps.

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Average salary: $99,000

Description: As an LO Materials Science Engineer you will conduct tasks that include: Working with Integrated Product Teams (IPT) to develop LO material requirement, understand other disciplines needs, and develop an optimized solution that meets all disciplines prioritized necessities. Employ understanding of materials science and engineering to characterize the physical and chemical properties of solid materials—metals and alloys, ceramics, magnetic materials, polymers, optical materials, semiconductors, superconductors, and composites—for the purpose of using, changing, or enhancing inherent properties to create or improve end product.

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Average salary: $83,000

Description: The qualified applicant will become part of Northrop Grumman’s Electronics and Payloads directorate supporting the Global Hawk program. The selected candidate will work in a dynamic people-focused environment where he/she will support lead engineers in radar and electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensor integration. Responsibilities include: Serving as sensors subject matter expert. Performing sensor operator duties during test flights. Performing sensor alignments at various locations. Dispositioning sensor anomalies. Generating and leading change requests through review board processes. Investigating and writing reports to respond to. Government discrepancy reports. Coordination with the sensor suppliers for development and integration of new capabilities and correction of deficiencies.

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Average salary: $84,000

Description: Supervises activities of workers engaged in fabricating, maintaining and repairing machinery and physical structures of buildings and maintaining grounds by performing the following duties: Effective management of the company’s CMMS system. Directs workers engaged in the fabrication and installation of all new equipment. Directs workers engaged in maintaining and repairing all plant machinery and services. Directs workers engaged in painting and performing structural repairs to masonry, woodwork, and furnishings of buildings. Coordinates all maintenance and fabrication activity with production managers. Requisitions tools, equipment, and supplies. Inspects completed work for conformance to blueprints, specifications, and standards. 

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Average salary: $69,000

Description: Provides Space and Missile Defense expertise to USASMDC/ARSTRAT. Provides JTAGS expertise including doctrine and tactics, techniques and procedures. Provides Assistance and Advisory services to support the G3 TREX divisions training, exercises and certification of Army personnel effort.

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Average salary: $72,000

Description: We are seeking a program manager who has a good understanding of astronomical instrumentation to work with our customers in the international scientific community. The applications include ground-based and space-based telescopes where our sensors are used in imagers and spectrographs that operate in x-ray, ultraviolet, visible and infrared wavelengths. The ideal candidate will have worked in the astronomical community, have knowledge of the physics and technologies of telescope instrumentation, and experience in project / program management.

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Average salary: $49,000

Description: The Aircraft Mechanic will perform the primary function:  Plan, perform and coordinate all operation, modifications, inspections, maintenance and servicing of aircraft and ground support equipment.  The Aircraft Mechanic will improvise tooling and methods as required to complete the job and will certify all required work.  Additionally, will keep abreast of and assure compliance with all applicable federal government and civilian regulations and the like pertaining to the maintenance and modification of aircraft.  

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Salary: $60,000 - 80,000

Description: The candidate will perform a wide variety of engineering tasks.  These include: planning and executing project plans; developing new ideas/programs; writing proposals; supporting contractual obligations; performing system design and algorithm development; performing system development and analysis, system testing and validation tasks; and providing written technical documentation.

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Salary: $95,000 - 115,000

Description: The Senior Metallurgist will provide customer facing technical expertise and lead the commercialization and product realization for the company's bi-metal co-extruded product line. Qualified candidates should have a solid understand of metal making processes for steel and nickel-based alloys, as well as expertise in forging and/or extrusion and heat treating techniques. Candidates must be comfortable in a lean, metric driven environment.

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Average salary: $61,000

Description: Write, rewrite, edit, and proofread federal proposals and other business development documents. Proofread all artwork in consultation with Graphic Artist and Proposal Writer/SME developed for and incorporated in federal proposals and other business development documents. Must possess the ability and skill to write, edit, and prepare clear, concise, and acceptable technical and management documentation for federal proposals and other business development documents. Must be able to communicate effectively with technical professionals, functional area personnel, managers, and executives.

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