The 5 Stages of Getting What You Want

How the Hedonic Treadmill keeps you moving:

1: Exuberance

You are thrilled. You feel lucky and grateful and proud. Whatever just happened feels like it was meant to happen, and all is right in your world. This is the briefest, but most intense phase.

2: Pride
Not only did this happen, but it happened to YOU. You somehow managed to put yourself in the situation that made it possible, through either luck or skill or some other action that you can take at least partial credit for. If you linger in this stage too long, you will become annoying.

3: Acceptance
You're no longer pinching yourself or beaming. No, this is your new reality. This windfall of fate is now a bullet point in your biography-a simple fact of life instead of a headline.

4: Judgment
Was it really that big of a deal? Does it even matter anymore? Can you do it again, or was this wonderful thing a fluke? This stage can set in within minutes, or it might take months to happen, but when it does, you are extremely disconcerted.

5: Desire
You are now out to prove yourself all over again, to either build on or recreate your accomplishment. You plot and plan and hope. You refuse to rest on your now wilted laurels, and want, more than anything, to feel that rush of success again.
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