Street Fighter Fashion Show: showing off dat new DLC

Ultra Street Fighter IV is going on summer vacation with this all new DLC! Not sure when it will be coming out, but after the announcement of the DLC at San Diego Comic Con 2014, Capcom released a series of official images we're sharing with you today.

What's your favorite? I have to give it to Decapre. For a clone... she sure had me fooled! ;)

C.Viper is ready for some deep C. diving in this festive wetsuit.

It take pretty large floating device to hold a Rufus. Now he's ready to go snorkeling!

Decapre makes a splash in this sexy bikini.

Ryu is ready to deliver some knuckle sandwiches in these flip flops.

Is it just me or does Rose look like a Sailor Scout? I dig it.

Ibuki plays soccer in honor of FIFA? Sure.

I think Juri Han is wearing a swimsuit. You know what goes perfect with a bikini? A scarf.

Cammy's ready for a night on the town in this adorable blouse.

Sheriff T. Hawk giving us some above the knee shorts action. Arrest me anytime.

Sakura is protecting herself from that intense summer sun in this cute sunhat.

Not sure what Chun is wearing here, but the colors scream summer.

Poison is cool and fabulous in this oriental sundress.


Zangief if prepared for the deep depths of the ocean blue in this pressurized suit.

See the complete DLC packages at Shoryuken by clicking here!

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