Best cosplays of SDCC 2014!

San Diego Comic Con is THE con that made nerd-cons cool. It also gives the opportunity for thousands of individuals to express their creativity (and super fandom) through the art of cosplay on the biggest cosplay stage in the country! I, like many out there, are fans of cosplayers and look forward to seeing the real life interpretations of my favorite comic book, video game, and anime characters.

So I've scoured the internet and I am here to share what I've found to be the best of the best at SDCC 2014! Enjoy!

Miss Piratesavvy as Thor

These DC Bomshells! Cosplayers include: Missyeru, Christina Tellifson, Mac Beauvais, Miss Kit Quinn, Golden Lasso, Miss Chrissy Lynn, Double Monocle Cosplay, Atari Girl, Miss Wendybird. GaiaDove, LeeAnnaVamp, Ladysteam13.

Gundam by Vampy Bit Me

Noob Saibot. FATALITY.

One Punch Mickey and Miss Chrissy Lynn as Gambit and Rogue <3

Kelton as Storm and Vampy Bit Me as Nightwing. Go Cross-play!

Jessica Nigri as Moon Moxxi from Borderlands 2: The Pre-sequel

These masked men as Batman and Bane ^-^

Chubear as Wonder Woman and Stella Chu as Supergirl

Woah it's Beast!

This crew of Storm Troupers including TK SixSix EightTwo and LeeAnna Vamp

Captain America ... GO MURICA'!

Gender-swapped Emma Frost and Storm.

Monika Lee as a Demon Hunter

EloquentArtistryVi from League of Legends

And this guy who hands down wins the internet:

As a final reminder, these guys are listed in no particular order as they are all FANTASTIC. If you recognize someone I have yet to credit or wish to give another cosplayer some shine, please comment below!

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