Police Officer on Poisoned Dog: "It's Revenge Against a Beautiful Animal"

Five-year-old German Shepherd Siren was put down, with test results finding rat poison in his liver.
Police in Westport, Massachusetts are offering a $1,000 reward for information on the poisoning of an officer's dog, who was put down last April after experiencing sudden pain and bleeding.
The five-year-old German Shepherd, Siren, was hemorrhaging internally, and test results revealed the presence of rat poison in the dog's liver.

Certainly, when someone enters the police force, there's a level of risk to be expected. And while it's reasonable to worry for one's own safety, you don't expect to have to worry for your pet's.

"It's just despicable," Siren's owner, Det. Jeff Majewski told WHDH. "Definitely this was a malicious act, where somebody threw something over our fence. He's always on a leash. He's outside of the yard."

Siren was training to be a civilian search-and-rescue dog; Majewski believes his death could have been related to his (Majewski's) 25 years on the police force. Now officers are seeking help from anyone who has information that might lead to a suspect.

"He's part of the family, he was a 100-pound lap dog," said Majewski. "He would lay at my girlfriend's feet when she was working."

Anyone with information is instructed to contact the Westport Police Department.
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