The Weekly Roundup: Better Job Search Through Technology

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It's hard to believe that there was a time before LinkedIn, Google or even email. How on earth did people find opportunities back in the Dark Ages of job search? It's a terrifying thought, but MindFlash has done the hard work and uncovered the long-forgotten secrets of pre-millennium job hunting in Western Civilizations's Historical Guide to the Job Search. Letters, phone calls, classified ads. The horror...the horror! (Thank you to The Undercover Recruiter for sharing this one.)

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Thank heavens for the tools available for today's job seekers. While technology won't necessarily find you a job, it makes the process easier. Let's take a peek at some fun and innovative ways companies are using tech to evolve job search and career development. Welcome to the future of finding your next opportunity!

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This App Will Tell You Whether You're A Good Cultural Fit At Any Company
People are flipping jobs at an alarming rate and retention is increasingly difficult. Cultural fit has become a make-or-break factor for both jobseekers and hiring managers. Fast Company takes an in-depth look at the new free iOS app from that uses psychometric frameworks to help job seekers determine their fit at many companies. Users take a series of quizzes and the answers are cross-referenced with the app's company culture database. That may sound heavy, but the app is attractive, easy-to-use and fun. Download it today and embark on the road to discovering the right company for you.

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What Your Personality Type Means for Your Career

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You may have encountered the Myers-Briggs personality test in your professional life. The more you understand about your personal style the better you can target the types of positions and companies that optimize your strengths. If you are eager to know more, Daily Muse presents the remarkable infographic above to get you started. Plus, they link to several career-related tests. Uncover how your personality could work best for you both personally and professionally. You can find more at this link.

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Glassdoor Debuts Job Explorer, New Interactive Job Search Mapping Tool
If you want to uncover one of the five million unfilled jobs in the country, then Glassdoor has a brand new tool that can connect you with opportunity. Job Explorer has two key features. The Job Map and Opportunity Scale helps you pinpoint jobs both by location and the odds of finding a specific type of job in a particular area. It will also run dual searches so you and your partner can see where both of you have the best odds of discovering jobs. The Career Progression Tool suggests other jobs you may be qualified for based on data from similar job seekers. Watch the video below to learn more about Glassdoor Job Exolorer. logo
Apply to New York City's top startups in 60 seconds
This tool is a bit more specialized, but if you've got the skills to cut it in NYC's startup community, then this might be right for you. fast-tracks the application process and shares your resume directly with top NYC founders and hiring managers. Boom! Find out more right here.

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Glove and Boots Share Helpful Tips on What Someone Should and Shouldn't Do for a Job Interview
Finally, let's use the internet for what it was truly intended; puppets offering hilarious interview tips. Thank you to Laughing Squid for this amazing episode of Glove and Boots.

Do you have any tricks or tools for job search that you've uncovered? Please share them in comments below.
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