This Week's Greatest Hits (July 21- 25)

Germany, Bavaria, Mid adult man sleeping in rowing boat
Getty ImagesAdvice for summer slackers: stop being lazy!

Welcome back to another week of Greatest Hits, where we count down our top posts from the past week. Missed some of our great content? Don't worry: we've got you covered.

This past week we brought you advice both practical (how do I deal with an intimidating boss?) and somewhat, um, circumstantially driven (what's happens if I sleep with said boss?). We also covered a major transition at Walmart, gender disparities in the workplace, and the world's least child-friendly donut shop. Take a look!

1. How Do You See Your Last 168 Hours?
2. Don't Be A Summer Slacker
3. Job Descriptions Decoded: Transportation Dispatcher
4. Walmart Gets A New CEO As Old One 'Transitions' Out
5. Four-Year-Old Banned From Donut Shop For Asking Inappropriate Question
6. Modesty Gets You Nowhere
7. Study: 1 In 2 Professionals Will Be Independent Contractors By 2020
8. Ask Jack: Scary Bosses, Disturbing Co-Workers, Job Of The Week
9. Can I Be Denied A Promotion Because My Spouse Works With Me?
10. It's Okay To Sleep With The Boss

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