5 Blockbuster Mobile Games

I got started on mobile games by playing Snake and Tetris on my old brick-like Nokia back in 2003. At the time there wasn't much a variety. However, as time went on and download numbers for mobile games started to rise, developers knew they struck gold. Thats when the good games rolled in ...and some not so good ones.

But we're here to talk about those games. W're here to talk about the games that did SO well that they captured and audience of millions: the mobile blockbusters. Even I have 3/5 of these smash hits installed on my phone right now.

And now, Modojo's list of the Top 5 Mobile Franchises to-date:

1. Angry Birds

What else but Angry Birds could take number one on our list? Rovio's megahit has spawned several spinoffs, other media, enough merchandising dollars to support the creators for years to come, and even a game for the evil piggies themselves to take some revenge on the birds who want to tear their homes apart. Angry Birds is simple but sweet, and it's put mobile gaming even closer to players' hearts than ever before. If we're going by which franchise have done the most for mobile gaming, we've gotta hand it to Rovio for Angry Birds really getting the word out that just because a game may be pocket-sized, that doesn't mean it's short on fun.

2. Where's My Water?

Swampy the Alligator just wants to take a hot bath, and you're just the person to help him do it. That might seem a bit strange, especially as a premise for a game, but don't knock it until you've tried it. Using your finger to create paths that guide water straight to Swampy's humble abode is rewarding, and while the games are kid-friendly and sweet, that doesn't mean they're simple. Where's My Water and its sequels and spinoffs are worth every bit of your time, especially if you're a puzzle fanatic.

3. Modern Combat

Gameloft's answer to the popular military shooters on consoles (you know the ones we're talking about) are well-produced, slick pieces of entertainment that we don't feel bad about when it comes to playing on the go. Call them clones if you must, but these mobile shooters are excellent alternatives to the big console brethren. They're so close that you'd swear you were playing one of the "big boys."

Discover more smash-hit games and get the links to download the ones above by clicking here!

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