Top 10 video game moments we won't forget!

All week we've been serving up some of the crazienst and emotional moments from our favorite video games throughout the ages. One of my favorite unforgettable moments from yesterday's list was the scene of Cortana's death in Halo 4. Although the multiplayer didn't quite live up to fan's expectation, Halo 4 was a very emotionally driven game and no matter how you felt about the gameplay, Cortana's death was sure to well up some tears.

Today we're bringing you Prima Games final installment of that list with these top 10 video game moments we won't forget:

10. Clementine is alone (The Walking Dead)

It's sad to see the young Clementine go through so much in the first season of The Walking Dead. However, the truly heartbreaking moment comes when she finds herself facing a dying Lee. The player can choose whatever they wish to do, but eventually, Clementine finds herself on her own, dealing with a harsh world. Her reaction to shadowy figures on a hill says it all.

9. Jenny's death (The Darkness)

Remember earlier when we mentioned how you could sit down and enjoy a quiet moment with Jenny in The Darkness? There's a reason that moment resonates so much. Paulie, working alongside corrupt police chief Eddie Shrote, kidnaps her, and with the Darkness restraining him, forces Jackie to watch as they blow her brains out. Unable to deal with the guilt and frustration, Jackie kills himself – only to come back stronger than ever, vowing to destroy those responsible. It's just sad he couldn't do more to save his beloved.

8. Farewell, Aggro (Shadow of the Colossus)

Aggro is your loyal steed throughout Shadow of the Colossus, which makes his death in the game all the more unsettling. After jumping onto a collapsing bridge, Aggro realizes the end is near. However, in a last heroic effort, he flings his rider to safety, only to fall to a watery grave. A loyal horse to the end.

7. Finally walking into the light (Journey)

It's ironic that the game Journey really is more about the journey than the destination. However, after finally traveling so far, you reach a point where you can walk into the light and see what's on the other side. We'd tell you here, but it's better if you watch. Phenomenal stuff.

6. The nuclear explosion (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)

In one particular mission of Modern Warfare, your team makes a mad dash to rescue a downed pilot, as "no one gets left behind." However, it's all for naught, as a nuclear explosion sends your aircraft crashing to the ground. The real emotional heft, however, comes afterward, with Jackson crawling around in the devastation, only to succumb to his wounds. It's an unsettling moment in an otherwise action-filled game.

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