Shoot em' up in these 5 mobile shooters

Stretch out your trigger finger and get ready to blow em' away in these five mobile shooters coming soon to Android and iOS devices. It's no secret that mobile first and third person shooters haven't been to great in the past, but don't get skeptical because we're about to see some great advancements in this mobile genre.

Get ready to lock and load because Modojo is here with five explosive mobile shooters:

1. Dead Trigger 2

Out of the hundreds of zombie-slaying apps out there, Dead Trigger 2 leads the charge -- er, horde. It's zombie after zombie shambling toward you as you mow them down with the greatest of ease. An abundance of silliness and wide variety of weapons make Dead Trigger 2 a no-brainer -- or would that be "multi-brainer?" Since, you know, that's a zombie's favorite food and all.
Download Dead Trigger 2 for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

2. Ready Steady Bang

Don't let the look of Ready Steady Bang fool you: Though it's sporting a minimalistic aesthetic, it's every bit of an excellent shooter, channeling some Wild Gunman vibes. And it's an unorthodox game in that you won't be aiming and tottering around to find enemies. The "bang" is completely random. You need only tap the screen as soon as the countdown reaches zero, and hope that you drew before the other cowboy.

3. Pew Pew 2

For console owners who had a taste of Geometry Wars, Pew Pew 2 should be extremely familiar. It's neon wireframe aesthetic is colorful and funky, and as a twin stick shooter without IAPs or ads, you can't go wrong. There's a single-player campaign or plenty of endless challenges to play through, so even if you exhaust solo levels there are still plenty of things to do.
Download Pew Pew 2 for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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