Job Descriptions Decoded: Transportation Dispatcher

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Most jobs require strong communication skills, and this position is no exception.

The transportation dispatcher must communicate in a variety of ways, using a lot of different devices. In addition, he or she interacts with many different types of people. As noted, chauffeurs, executives and hosts are all potential points of contact. The dispatcher needs to be able to demonstrate success with all of these audiences. If you've worked in different environments that gave you the opportunity to engage with people with different backgrounds, be sure to note it on your resume.For example: Demonstrated ability to accurately communicate with many types of audiences, including highly educated, executive customers as well as blue-collar workers.

Maintaining accurate records is also important, so be sure to specify successes in record keeping. Even if your records were unrelated to the transportation industry, list your experience on the resume:

Maintained accurate, confidential records for all physicians in busy office. Reported numbers of patients and tallied insurance figures at end of each business day.

This is another great transferable skill. Being cordial and accommodating with clients, colleagues and managers is required for any forward-facing position. Don't hesitate to include details about how you rose to the occasion to handle concerns and solve problems in your previous workplaces, no matter the type of work. For example:

Noted by supervisors for providing exceptional customer service to clients accustomed to accurate and timely service.

To address this item, you'll ideally be able to rely on your personal expertise and knowledge of this geographical area. This may be something you list either as a headline in your resume at the top. Include three to five bullet points indicating your best qualifications for the job. To address this requirement, you may say:

Born and raised in Las Vegas; skilled in providing visitors and newcomers directions and suggestions of events and accommodations.

There's always a delicate balance between handling problems independently and reporting things management needs to handle. However, if you've ever been in a customer service role, there's no doubt you faced situations where it was necessary to consult with a supervisor:

Handle most typical complaints and concerns independently, resulting in satisfied customers. Use good judgment when determining issues to address with supervisor.

Discretion is important in most jobs, so it should not be difficult to point out how well qualified you are to maintain confidential information:

Use discretion and common sense when interacting with all customers.

If you've had positions where you were handling phone lines and taking reservations, it will be very easy to address this point. However, even if you don't, think about when you might have had to keep up with information from many sources or when it was your job to locate data or details from various people or places:

Sourced information from variety of outlets and sources to compile accurate records, which allowed supervisor to focus on big-picture details.

These would be great items to address in the header of your resume if they are applicable to you. Be sure you indicate how well matched you are to the position:

Dispatcher – X Years Call Center Experience
- Prevent or solve customer problems using expert decision making abilities, common sense and persuasion skills. Achieved 99% customer satisfaction ratings.
- Ensure all stakeholders and business contacts receive superb customer service; won company's top service award for 2013-14.

Unless there's an obvious place to indicate your appearance, it's not necessary to list it on your resume. However, be sure to include your educational background in the "Education" section, which should be on the bottom of your resume in most cases. Your well-written application and resume should demonstrate your strong grasp of the English language.

These "would like to have" qualifications are not mandatory, so don't worry if you don't have everything it lists. If you do, don't forget to include these items on your resume to help ensure you land an interview.

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