10 games under $10!


The Steam Summer Sale may have challenged out wallets, but our thirst for new (and cheap) games is never quenched. Praise Lord Helix because USGamer is here with a list of 10 Steam games under $10.00, and lucky for those of you who prefer the couch to the desk, many of these are available to console.

Terraria ($9.99)

The easiest way to categorize Terraria is to call it Minecraft with the added dimension, but there's a larger focus on combat here. Sure there's a great deal of exploration in both games, but if you can't fight in Terraria, you'll eventually run into a brick wall. Either way, like Minecraft, Terraria is an endless addiction. You'll get far, but you'll never be truly done.

FEZ ($9.99)

FEZ is the kind of game where you have to pull out a piece of paper and draw some diagrams. It's a great puzzle-platformer with an excellent visual-hook: the 3D world is always presented in 2D and you rotate your perspective to see around structures. The game is full of hidden messages and cryptic secrets; you'll be mining new stuff in FEZ for a long, long time.

FTL: Faster Than Light ($9.99)

In this "spaceship simulation roguelike-like" you have to get your crew from one end of the galaxy to the other. Like a good roguelike, every run is different. Maybe you'll die from a pirate attack in a gas cloud. Perhaps the cause of death is a rampant fire in your ship. Maybe you just lost your lone engineer and there's no one left to repair things. FTL will give you a million ways to die.

Divekick ($9.99)

If you took a fighting game and stripped out everything but the bare, competitive minimum, you'd be left with Divekick. There's only two buttons: Dive and Kick. The surprising part is how much strategy there still is in a competitive fighting game with only two buttons. The entire game is metagame. If you're a fighting game enthusiast, it's worth a try.

Cave Story+ ($9.99)

Cave Story+ is wonderful indie Metroidvania game back when they weren't being airdropped into Steam by the dozens. Independent designer Daisuke Amaya created this labor of love on his own and his final product is a work of art. Big levels to explore, tight action, and a ton of heart come together to make one of the best games you can pick up on Steam

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