Video game moments we won't forget: 20-11

Yesterday we featured a few video game moments we won't forget. One of my favorite unforgettable moments from yesterday's list was the death of Roman in Grand Theft Auto IV. Just when he was about to turn around his life and settle down and have kids he gets shot and killed. Can we not have one happy ending GTA? I want one sunset. JUST ONE!

Anyhow, today we're bringing you Prima Games next installment of that list with moments 20-11:

20. Too many Elizabeths (Bioshock Infinite)

Even though it is somewhat cryptic (depending on a gamer's point of view), there's no question that Bioshock Infinite's ending has a raw sense of power. There are a bunch of alternative universes involved (one that even comes into play in the Burial At Sea DLC), but essentially, Booker decides to sacrifice himself in order to stop Comstock from being created and harming Elizabeth. What follows is a saddening baptism, where eventually, all but one of the Elizabeths vanish. Weird, but cool.

19. The Companion Cube's triumphant return (Portal 2)

The "death" of the Companion Cube in the original Portal was a heartbreaking moment. Yes, even more so than the cake being a lie. However, Valve made good on reuniting your character with it in Portal 2. After enduring one heck of a trial with Wheatley, you're eventually rewarded with leaving the test chamber. However, you're not going alone, as the slightly singed Cube joins you. Oh, happy day!

18. The impending sound of Spiny Shell doom (Mario Kart series)

There is no worse sound in the Mario Kart games than hearing a Spiny Shell coming your way. It usually starts with a small swirling noise, but then a large siren kicks in, and soon after, you see the Spiny Shell zooming in on you, only to stop your player dead in his or her tracks. It's a sad sight to see, and most of the time, brings the most anguish you'll feel in a Mario Kart game. Thankfully, there's a saving grace in Mario Kart 8, as you can use a large Super Horn to eliminate it. That is, if you can find one in time.

17. Wait...YOU'RE Revan? (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

So you've been scourging across the galaxy in the hopes of locating Darth Revan to right so many wrongs. However, just when you think you've discovered everything you need to know about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, you discover...YOU ARE REVAN. It's definitely a shocker, and how you guide your fate from there is entirely up to you. Us? We're crushing the galaxy. Sorry, it deserves it.

16. Sniper Wolf's death (Metal Gear Solid)

The death of a memorable character can be difficult, even bosses. Take Sniper Wolf. When Solid Snake is able to subdue her, she spends her last remaining moments explaining herself, and Snake listens to every word. For good measure, Otacon adds emotional heft to the scene, since he was infatuated with her to begin with. It's worth watching, even though you have bigger fish to fry.

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