The Best Time to Ace Work-Life Balance? On Vacation

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By Robin Madell

When it comes to work-life balance, blend is the new trend – even when taking days off during summer months.

While you may wish things were different, the fact is that heightened job expectations have forced many vacationers to find ways to integrate the office into their downtime. In 2013, the American Psychological Association reported that close to half of American workers check work messages at least once a day while on vacation, when they are supposedly off the grid.

Staying plugged in all the time certainly has its drawbacks when it comes to focusing on family and fun, and can also lead to ineffective performance at work. Yet the APA research found that 56 percent of those studied felt that staying tethered during extended breaks from the office actually allows for greater productivity, while 53 percent feel it improves flexibility.

Whether you're among those who value the increased ability to stay connected or wish you could ditch your smartphone for a few days (or weeks), there are always ways to improve your work-life blending skills. Here are some strategies to make the blend better for you, your family and your colleagues while you're on vacation: