Video game moments we won't forget 30-21

Yesterday we featured a few video game moments we won't forget. One of my favorite unforgettable moments from yesterday's list was the ending of Braid. The entire game we're lead to believe we are some "white-knight" saving the damsel-in-distress only to discover that she is running away from us, the villain! (What a plot-twist!) Try to re-imagine Super Mario Bros. if Peach was running away from Mario because he was some sort of Italian Mafioso. C r a z y.

Today, we're bringing Prima Games next installment of that list with moments 30-21:

30. Doing more harm than good (Spec Ops: The Line)

Spec Ops: The Line is more than a quality action adventure game. The story contains a surprising amount of depth. No scene makes that clearer than the one above, when the team in charge of trying to liberate the land from terrorists discovers there's more damage being done than they realized. When they find out just how many innocent people died -- along with a number of their own troops – it's a tough image to shake.

29. Klonoa leaves, but not by choice (Klonoa)

Klonoa isn't just an enjoyable side-scrolling adventure with 3D visuals and unique gameplay. It's also a game that packs an emotional jolt at the end. After saving the world from demonic devastation, Klonoa comes to a harsh truth – that he can no longer stay in that world. What follows is a heartbreaking farewell between him and Huepow, complete with a sad song to go along with it. It just tugs at the heartstrings.

28. "Don't ever give up, my son" (StarFox 64)

The final boss battle with Andross – well, his brain, anyway – is almost too overwhelming for Fox McCloud, as he's caught in an explosion of white light. However, that's not the end of his tale, as his father shows up and guides him out of harm's way, only to disappear again. The appearance of Papa McCloud makes the intense ending worth experiencing again. Just don't let that explosion catch you. Ouch.

27. Hale dies (Resistance 2)

By the time the events conclude in Insomniac Games' Resistance 2, Hale, the soldier we've been so valiantly fighting with over the first couple of games in the series, converts into an alien. A fellow comrade sees this and immediately pulls his weapon, and with no alternative, says "It's been an honor," before blowing his brains out.

26. Makarov finally bites the dust (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3)

Makarov put the world through hell with his antics, and Captain Price would stop at nothing to make him pay. After infiltrating his headquarters and dragging the guy out of a helicopter, it almost looks like Makarov has the jump on the old Captain. However, with help from his comrade, he soon turns the tables, wraps rope around his adversary's neck and sends him smashing through the glass, where he ends up hanging. It's a tremendous moment, and Price savors it for everything it's worth, lighting a cigarette and enjoying a job well done.

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