How to play 2048 Snake


If you've never played 2048, I highly suggest you do. It's a addictive sliding-block puzzle-game and it's free-to-play (and I mean free, not like these games). It was so popular it received over 4 million views the first week it was released and even spawned Angry Birds, Doge, and Doctor Who editions.

Ever wanted to play 2048 and Snake at the same time? Well okay... maybe I haven't necessarily dreamed up that exact combination ...but the guys at SMGP did! Theres nothing like a good block puzzle math game exercise that noggin!

I know it might look a bit complicated... but Robert Workman of Modojo is here to answer the most important questions like:

How do I play 2048 Snake?
What's the best way to shrink back down in 2048 Snake?
How do I avoid red numbers in 2048 Snake?'