Basic Feng Shui for Beginners

Your house looks great, but how does it feel? If you think your home is falling victim to clutter and chaos, the Chinese practice of feng shui may be able to help! Feng shui incorporates age-old principles for maximizing positive vibes in the home. While some laws of feng shui call for more elaborate considerations, there are plenty of simple tweaks that you can try in just a few minutes!

Feng Shui for Beginners
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Basic Feng Shui for Beginners

Those stacks of papers and piles of odds and ends aren’t just eyesores -- they’re also energy barriers. Feng shui dictates that positive energy or chi can only flow when clutter is eliminated. By clearing your space, you’ll allow for greater mental clarity and a better sense of well being. If decluttering your entire house feels a little too ambitious, start with a single room like your kitchen.

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Make your entryway inviting. The front door is considered a vital element of feng shui because it serves as the energy gateway to the home. So, a balanced entryway is the key to a balanced space. To achieve this, keep the path leading up to your home free of unsightly obstructions such as trash cans, cracked flower pots or dead plants. Also, make sure the door itself opens smoothly -- no squeaking -- and looks well-maintained with fresh paint and hardware.

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A common feng shui view is that the sharp edges of knives contain a negative, cutting energy. Because of this, some practitioners suggest that kitchen knives should be kept out of sight (either in a closed drawer or a knife block). Others take a less conservative approach and simply recommend that kitchen knives should be kept in a place that is safe and accessible. If you have children in the home, then keeping them out of sight makes sense. If not, the most important thing to do is avoid dangerous locations such as above your head.

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No matter how uplifting your favorite romantic comedy may be, the television itself is not conducive to good vibes. If you want to adhere to feng shui, it’s best to hide your TV altogether in an entertainment cabinet or behind a concealing screen. At the very least, make sure it isn’t the focal point of the room by arranging it off to the side or camouflaging it on the wall among framed artwork.

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The rule for peaceful bed placement can be summed up in one word: space. Position your bed in the so-called “power spot,” which is directly across from the bedroom door. Then, make sure there’s an even amount of room on both sides. Avoid pushing your bed against a wall, unless you want to trap both your partner and negative energy.

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