Game of the Day: Word Battle

Put your knowledge of vocabulary on display as you play against friends and other online gamers in Word Battle. Word Battle is a great game that tests your ability to think on your feet as you and three other gamers try to create the best word possible in 40 seconds. Everyone gets the same random letter tiles and it's up to you to create a word that will outscore your opponents. Each tile is given a value and the winner is determined after four rounds of play.

Tip- Check out the tools in the upper right hand corner. They are there to help you and can complete a comeback victory or help seal the win with a dominating word. The A+ button will give you another random letter to use, the clock symbol will give you an additional 20 seconds, the spy button will allow you to see what words the other players are making, and the ABC button will spell check your word before it is submitted. Use these tools wisely as there are only a certain number of times you can use them in the four rounds.

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