Inspired to play Street Fighter? You should be.

Not only was this year's EVO extremely entertaining, it was full of surprises. The unlikely turn out of Ultra Street Fighter IV's top 8 even inspired me to pick up the beautiful Rose. Accuse me of jumping on the band wagon, go ahead, but if there's one thing you should take away from EVO 2014, it's that the playing field has been seriously leveled in USF4 and we all have a chance.

If you're one of the many who never played fighting games before, all the history and terminology can seem a bit daunting. FADC? Frame Traps? Pokes? OKI? What does all of that mean? What's a kara throw and how did they bait something?

Well this Gateway Guide to Street Fighter by USGamer is here to get you started by taking you through the basic know hows of the game while giving you some good history, so you don't feel like a total nub.

For a more comprehensive guide on fighting game mechanics and character combos, here are some more links to help you on your way:

Free E-Book Beginner's Guide to Fighting Games
Character Background and Combo Guide to USF4
Street Fighter Terminology Glossary

Best of luck and remember, DON'T JUMP!

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