ESPN & eSports

It has been confirmed that the DOTA 2 Internationalwill be shown on ESPN. While it will not be aired on the main channel it will be shown on ESPN2 and ESPN 3. This is a huge step forward for gamers being seen as athletes. With growing numbers of ESport players and viewers, it is about time a major broadcasting network as taken notice. The broadcast will feature an exclusive preview of the DOTA 2 finals, along with highlights and expert analysis.

In the past we've seen Ultimate Gamer and Nintendo World Championships, but this is the first time a video game tournament of this caliber has been shown on television. This years prize pool for DOTA 2 is 10 million dollars which is the same prize payout for first place in the 2014 World Series of Poker.

Good luck to those teams that are participating, this could me big advancements in ESports! We'll all be watching!

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