Cool Jobs: Bourbon Distillery Tour Guide

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OMG! It's time for this week's edition of Cool Jobs! What've we got this go-around? Well, you'll have to click through to see them all, but two involve shepherding drunk people around beautiful, picturesque settings. Not your style? Don't worry--we've also got listings in engineering, foster care, and an opening for the guy who makes sure the human genome lab is running smoothly.

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Without further ado, here are this week's picks for Cool Jobs.
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Cool Jobs: Bourbon Distillery Tour Guide

Median salary: $56,000

Description: Design work using AutoCAD. Work with survey base mapping. Read field survey notes. Draft underground utility alignment layouts, including gas, water or sewer. Draft appurtenance details. Develop technical specifications. Estimate cost and quantity.

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Median salary: $44,970  (entry level)

Description: Primary duties will be to work with a team of scientists conducting groundwater and soil sampling while monitoring for a variety of species including Stephens’ kangaroo rat and desert tortoise at private and military facilities in Southern California. Work will include collection of groundwater and/or soil samples, completion of forms for various field activities, monitoring Tetra Tech personnel conducting various activities in species’ habitat, and conducting surveys for these species under direct supervision. This position requires field work and travel in Southern California should be expected.

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Median salary: $70,266

Description: The entry level engineer would have 0-6 years experience and would be presented with the following tasks: Fire Protection systems design and specification. Fire alarm systems design and specification. Life safety and building coe analysis and consulting. Smoke control systems design. Development of performance-based life safety and fire protection features.

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Average salary: $17,000

Description: Unique opportunity for permanent part time work with prestigious bourbon distiller. You'll appreciate the professionalism, family-like atmosphere, flexibility and fast pace this opportunity affords. Your work week will average 25 hours per week. You will be responsible for learning a prepared script and conducting group tours daily.  Meeting and sharing  a part of Kentucky's rich heritage and extending southern hospitality in a very picturesque setting.

Average salary: $34,000

Description: Promotes the well-being of children in the Foster Care Program, participates in staff meetings and trainings and coordinates with staff from other agencies involved in providing foster care services. Manages a caseload of Foster Care placements.

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Description: The Director of PCH Genomics Laboratory hires and manages an experienced technical staff and is responsibile for the creation and build-out of Phoenix Children's Hospital genomic analysis laboratory and for the development and ongoing performance of next-generation sequencing clinical tests in accordance with all CLIA and/or CAP regulations. The Director is responsible for the implementation and oversight of proficiency testing, quality control and quality improvement programs for the Phoenix Children's Hospital genomics clinical laboratory.

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Salary: $50-60,000

Description: This position is for an exciting and evolving organization.  The successful candidate should have a strong understanding of retail environments, in-depth knowledge of retail goods sales and marketing, along with an understanding of e-commerce.  An extensive knowledge of the wine business and an energetic passion for concierge-level customer service is required. The selected candidate should have the drive and desire to work within a dynamic, respected, recognized and cohesive team.

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Salary: $70-80,000

Description: Management of all production activities, ensure the quality of the finished product and the efficiencies of all production operations. Monitor daily air quality controls, production charts, and daily water waste records to insure all regulations are adhered to for the day’s production. Investigate and mitigate regulatory infractions and implement corrective actions. Set production goals, schedules and monitor all production records to ensure production efficiency and all goals are being met.

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