Have You Seen These Dinosaur Thieves?

It's a robbery 65 million years in the making. State Capitol Police in Raleigh, North Carolina are asking for help identifying two thieves who went into the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, which houses fossilized remains from prehistoric America, and walked out with one of the dinosaurs.
A security video shows a man and a woman, both in their 20s, waiting until the museum's Prehistoric North Carolina exhibit empties out before the man hops the barrier and grabs a cast of a baby dinosaur, putting it in his accomplice's purse.

The replica, a polymer resin model of an Edmontosaurus hatchling, is valued around $10,000. So the next time you're searching eBay for "polymer resin Edmontosaurus hatchling," be on the lookout.

So far there's been no official statement from the museum, although we can only imagine the reaming some poor security guard is receiving right about now. While it's not like the thieves made off with an 18-foot dinosaur skeleton without triggering the alarm, a baby dinosaur is still a freaking dinosaur, AKA not small (the model is about 14 inches long). How big is this woman's purse?

The man is about five feet and seven inches tall with light brown hair, seen in the video wearing a dark gray t-shirt, striped white shorts, and black and white sneakers. The woman has brown hair, is around five feet and six inches tall, and was a pink shirt, blue shorts, and ankle-high boots. They were caught on camera the same day stealing from a display case at the nearby North Carolina Museum of History, but that property was worth less than $1,000. So it's probably just some art or something.

If you have information or recognize the people in the video, State Capitol Police can be reached at 919-733-3333.

And if you're looking for work and think you're, oh, sharp enough to notice someone walking off with a full-sized dinosaur replica, we've got some security and law enforcement job listings for you over here.
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