New Apartment Building's Amenities Include a Resident Puppy

emmy in her 2M doghouse
ZillowEmmy in her doghouse, modeled after the 2M Apartments building in Washington, D.C., where she's Puppy Ambassador.
By Jennifer Chan

At first glance, the list of amenities at Washington D.C.'s 2M Apartments seems normal enough: a swimming pool, fitness center and dog park, just to name a few. Click around a little more on the website, though, and you'll see a more unconventional amenity: Meet Emmy, the resident 2M pooch.

ZillowEmmy tests the fitness equipment at 2M Apartments.
Emmy is a 9-month-old English bulldog who lives in the 2M leasing office. Living up to her unofficial title of Puppy Ambassador, Emmy's days are full of greeting visitors, playing with building residents and taking naps in an Emmy-sized replica of the 2M building. At night, she goes home with the building's leasing manager, who lives on-site.

"Here in D.C. there are lots of people who are transplants, don't have family and work insane hours. Not everyone can own a pet, but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy the perks," explained Holli Beckman, vice president of marketing at WC Smith, 2M's developer. "Emmy helps give a sense of community you really want as a renter."

In addition to being available for walks and romps in the dog park, Emmy also helps host community yappy hours. Some prospective residents ask to meet the pup the moment they walk in, and others find it hard to leave -- especially when she lifts her paw to wave goodbye.

The idea of having a community pooch hatched out of Beckman's search for an amenity to help the newly constructed 2M community stand out from the competition. While working on-site at another community, she noticed a resident walking his dog and how everyone on the street gravitated toward the canine. "That's when I realized 'this is what makes people happy,' " she said.

So far, Emmy hasn't disappointed.

Curious to see what life is like as the Puppy Ambassador? You can follow Emmy on Instagram.
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