Mario Maker puts a new spin on the NES classic


When I saw Mario Maker at E3 2014 the one thing I thought was... FINALLY!

Seriously, fans have been making their own Mario and Nintendo games on do-it-yourself game modulators, level editors, and ROM hacking tools for years. It was only a matter of time before Nintendo took this idea into their own hands. The outcome? Fantastic.

What you have is a totally customizable 2D Mario platformer that allows you to switch between the Super Mario Bros. and the New Super Mario Bros. U style. Both styles have all the familiarity of the old Mario games with classic fiends like Koopas, Goombas, and Piranha Plants.

With endless level possibilities I am so excited to get my hands on this powerful gaming tool. In this explorative feature, Jeremy Parish of USGamer dives into how Nintendo is offering a new perspective on a legacy through Mario Maker.