10 exclusive Wii U games!

When the Wii U released two years ago, it was met with many skeptical remarks far and wide. And for the last two years we waited for a hint towards any of the many games we thought would come.

Well it was worth the wait because at E3 2014, Nintendo finally gave fans what they've been waiting for. With a great mix of classic first party titles (like Super Smash Bros.) and highly anticipated third par titles (like Bayonetta 2), there is something for everyone.

Now lets delve into Prima Games life of 10 exclusive Wii U game to get excited about:

Bayonetta 2 (2014)

Nintendo caught a lot of people off guard when it announced exclusive rights to Platinum Games' Bayonetta sequel for Wii U. A little while ago, we got a chance to check out how it was progressing, and came away very impressed. The fast-paced beat-em-up action escalated to a higher level, with even larger beasts and more tricks for Bayonetta to execute. On top of that, the visuals look spectacular, and the soundtrack is right on par with what the first game delivered. This sequel looks bewitching, indeed.

StarFox (2015)

Although it's still deep in development, it's nice to see that Nintendo hasn't given up on the StarFox franchise. A staple since the SNES days, StarFox is all about thrilling space action, whether you're doing a barrel roll to deflect lasers or taking on Andross in a fight with the universe at stake. The forthcoming Wii U version should be the best one yet, with innovative controls, sharp visuals, and, of course, the potential to fly with or against fellow players in multiplayer. Last gamer has to play as Slippy Toad!

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (2015)

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse isn't your typical Kirby adventure. This spiritual successor to the DS game Canvas Curse has you directing the pink puffball, in ball form, across various paths by drawing a rainbow course for him on the Wii U touchpad. Although it's different from Kirby's usual platforming adventures, Rainbow Curse looks colorful and engaging enough to draw in both young and old players alike. It's just a shame we have to wait so long for it.

Super Smash Bros. (2014)

We'd be fools if we didn't express our excitement for Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U. This highly anticipated brawler will bring the best gameplay to date, along with a plethora of brawling superstars, including returning faces (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Sonic the Hedgehog) and newcomers (Pac-Man, Mega Man, Little Mac). The game will also include online fighting options galore, across both the Nintendo Network and via local connection with the forthcoming 3DS version. Oh, and did we mention how amazing it looks in HD? Watch the video above and enjoy.

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