What To Do If You Can't Find A Job

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By Alison Green

You've been sending out applications, building your network, cultivating an impressive online presence and everything else you've heard you should do in a job search, but what if you still can't find a job? That can be a terrifying spot to be in – but don't panic. Here are five steps you can take if your job search isn't producing results.

1. Temp. Temp agencies aren't the reliable solution to being out of work that they used to be when the economy was better, but they're still an option worth exploring. Your chances of getting temp work go up if you have open availability and are willing to do a wide range of work, so try to be as flexible with temp agencies as possible. If you get those first few jobs, you can demonstrate that you'll show up reliably and cheerfully, which will make you more likely to start getting regular calls.

Temping will, at a minimum, give you a paycheck and something to put on your résumé, but it can also build connections that can help you find job leads down the road. Some temp roles are even temp-to-perm, which can give you an inside track on a more permanent position.