Sting finally enters WWE 2K15!


Sting coming to the WWE 2k series is one of the longest running sports-game rumors to date. While we may never see The Undertaker defend The Streak against Sting (thanks Brock), you can now set up that dream match in the latest version WWE 2k! Because he is now the preorder bonus!

That's right, call your friends! If you preorder a copy of WWE 2k15 you get Sting! You know what's better than one Sting? TWO STINGS! You get two skins for Sting: the old-school, bright face paint Sting and Crow-inspired Sting. Now you too can be Sting's secret partner and shock the world as an official Stinger!

And don't let anyone tell you wrestling's not a sport. If 2k makes a game about it it's a sport. Duh.