Beyond the Dead End: Steer Clear of These Positions

We all know about the dead-end job, the one with no room to move up or earn more, the one that is what it is, and always will be. But a dead end street is just one scary place you could end up. Look out for these other, equally dangerous places to park your career.

The Back-Alley Position
You work behind the scenes. You have no view of the main street, and you are kept in the dark, near the trash and the rat traps. You are not allowed to speak to clients or show your face in the front of the store. You are the modern day equivalent of an Oompa Loompa in Wonka's factory, which means you are exploited and vilified and not given access to natural sunlight.

Keywords in the job description:
  • Are you detail oriented?
  • Looking to get started in the exciting world of (whatever)?
  • Seasonal help needed
  • Daily performance-based assessments

The Unpaved Route
You're hired to get a project from point A to point B, but the road isn't paved, and there's a canyon where a bridge should be, and oh, right, the surrounding landscape is on fire. Some optimistic people can look at the situation and see an epic challenge, while realists see this job for what it really is: taking someone else's blame in exchange for money.

Keywords in the job description:
  • Are you motivated by challenges?
  • A new role from the ground up
  • Seeking a visionary
  • Serious grit required

The Roundabout
It's not a dead end, because technically you might be able to spin off into another direction, but the traffic is such that it looks like you're going to be awkwardly going in circles for quite a while. Even if you leave your turn signal on, good luck merging into the lane you want-people are not willing to give you the space because they have places to go too, and it's always rush hour.

Keywords in the job description:
  • Fast-paced environment
  • Join a creative, competitive team
  • Ability to multi-task a plus
  • Ability to perform under pressure
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