11 exclusive Xbox One games!

I know I said I was a long time Sony fan, but that didn't stop me from buying an Xbox 360 and playing the heck out of it. My poor PS3 basically turned into a Netflix machine. With so many great games on the horizon for both Playstation 4 and Xbox One, I'm curious to see how both consoles will fair in the 2014's holiday season. One thing's for sure: I know I'll have more than one of these titles on my Christmas wish list. ;)

And without further a-do, I present to you Prima Games list of 11 Xbox One exclusive games to get excited about:

Sunset Overdrive (2014)

Insomniac Games' list of titles is impressive, between the Ratchet and Clank saga, the multiplayer oriented Fuse and the gritty Resistance trilogy. However, with Sunset Overdrive, it's doing things differently with a free-wheeling approach to action. You'll battle energy drink-infused aliens with every sort of weapon you can get your hands on, from a teddy bear explosive rifle to a bowling ball cannon. In addition, your mobility is ridiculously loose, as you can get around sliding on wires, running along walls and bouncing off explosive pads.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection (November 18th)

The Halo legacy stood tall over the years, even when development shifted from the folks at Bungie to 343 Studios, who proved its worth with the magnificent Halo 4. Now prepare for a double dose of Xbox One goodness, starting with The Master Chief Collection. This package features the first four games in the series, remastered to 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution. On top of that, the multiplayer was reworked, with all the maps and perks you've come to expect over the years. Finally, there's beta access for Halo 5: Guardians. Bottom line, you can't pass this up. 1

Halo 5: Guardians (2015)

Even though it's well over a year away, the next saga in the Halo franchise will easily be one of the most exciting, continuing Master Chief's quest to find out what happened to his virtual partner Cortana. He's not the only one hitting the ground running, however, as a mysterious new character will take part in the action with his own story to tell. The beta packaged with the Master Chief Collection, which kicks off this December, should also introduce a whole new level of multiplayer.

Inside (2015)

Playdead Studios made a name for itself with the remarkable Limbo, a dark and haunting game that made the most of its environment with some great puzzle solving. It looks like the team will apply a similar logic to its forthcoming Xbox One indie title, Inside. Although details are scarce, it appears that you're once again playing a young, defenseless lad, trying to make his way through the confines of a large, trouble-filled prison. We've only seen bits and pieces of this one, but it should have no trouble becoming a classic.

Project Spark (October 2014)

It's been in beta for what seems like forever, but this October, Microsoft will finally launch the game creation tool Project Spark in all its glory. This build-your-own-adventure title benefits from a terrific user interface, along with various tools that let you do a number of things. In addition, you'll also be able to play around with Conker, the squirrel from the Xbox/Nintendo 64 release, Bad Fur Day, though he seems much tamer than usual. No matter – imaginative players will have a ball putting stuff together with Spark.

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