Why Would a Real Estate Agent Drop Your Listing?

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ShutterstockWhy would an agent who worked so hard to get your real estate listing suddenly decide to withdraw?
By Samantha DeBianchi

Withdrawing from a listing is never an easy decision, but depending on the situation, sometimes it's the best decision. But why would a real estate agent who worked so hard to get your listing suddenly decide to withdraw?

1. You're speaking a different language: It's vital that you and your agent are on the same page and speak the same language. With the Trump Royale Tower Suite listing in Episode 2 of "Million Dollar Listing Miami," the home seller insisted on a list price that was over $1,300 per square foot, but comparable properties were selling for $900 per square foot. Even with a premium for being a penthouse or "special" property, only so much value can be added when nothing else is selling in that price range.

If you and your agent can't agree on pricing, time periods or other factors, then your agent may decide that the best and right decision is to have you work with someone else who can fulfill your needs appropriately.

2. Your expectations aren't aligned: While a 30-day time period wasn't the best listing period to sign up for, it was the only option available for the Trump Royale listing. The 30 days came and went, and more time was added on the clock to sell the property. But even with the additional time, the seller had unrealistic expectations of how quickly the property should sell.

Despite the money spent on marketing and brokers opens, in this case it was best to withdraw from listing the property, as it would have been a disservice to the client to continue when there was disagreement on the list price.

Ultimately, it's a real estate agent's job to do the best thing for his or her clients and get the property closed. If an agent isn't confident in doing that for you -- for any reason -- then the agent should respectfully withdraw from the listing.

Samantha (Sam) DeBianchi is a Realtor and founder of DeBianchi Real Estate. Her expert real estate advice and straightforward approach can be seen on "Million Dollar Listing Miami." Always keeping it REAL, you can follow Sam online on Twitter and Facebook.

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