'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro's Boat Rescued From Layers Of Fog

Buddy Valastro, more commonly known as the Cake Boss to millions of television viewers, may know his way around a bakery blindfolded. He's even been known to make giant boat-shaped cakes for customers at his four Carlo's Bakery locations in New Jersey.

But when it comes to the real thing, Valastro sometimes needs some help. That's what happened when a summer boat trip turned into a search and rescue operation, according to the Associated Press.Valastro was out on a summer's dinner excursion with family and friends on his 32-foot Boston Whaler. The dozen people, including children, were heading back to Jersey City when a heavy fog rolled in.

"All of a sudden - boom! - we were in a really deep fog where you couldn't see anything," he told the Associated Press. They couldn't even see five feet ahead.

The reality of the situation got to Valastro and his passengers, as he told CNN:

"People were scared," Valastro told CNN of the harrowing journey Friday night with his wife, another couple and nine young children. "I didn't know which way to look -- left, right. I couldn't even see in front of me."

An avid fisherman, Valastro tried to use GPS and radar to bring the boat in safely, but he worried that the small boat might not be visible to the other much bigger traffic, so he called for help. The group was in a busy seaway, according to the New York Post.

"The Ambrose Channel is a particularly hazardous area," said fireman Chris Tucker, a seven-year veteran. "It's the main shipping channel and massive shipping boats run through there 24/7, so we had to get this boat out of there and out of harm's way."

According to the CNN report, at one point a larger vessel was headed straight toward the Valastro party, and they had to turn out of the way. Authorities received the emergency call at 9:30 pm. Valastro got the help he needed from both firefighters, who towed the boat to safety, and from New York City police, who took over and brought the craft back to Jersey City.

The Cake Boss posted a picture on Instagram of himself with the NYPD boat in the background and a thank you message:

Want to thank my friends at the nypd and FDNY for coming to help me in my family stuck in the fog in the Hudson towing us in you guys rock

Maybe as a thank you gift he could make a replica of his Boston Whaler for his rescuers. Maybe safely at a dock on a sunny day.

Oh, and as Valastro posted on Twitter after the ordeal was over, "Next time we go out at night need to check the forecast #mywifewantstokillme"
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