Budget-Friendly Bug Repellant -- Savings Experiment

Budget-Friendly Bug Repellant
Budget-Friendly Bug Repellant

Here's something to consider before you head to the drugstore. You can protect yourself from pesky summer insects without paying for pricey bug repellents. Here's the breakdown.

A 6-ounce container of brand-name insect repellent can cost up to $18, but you can make a cheaper and more effective solution with catnip. Yes, catnip.

Catnip repels mosquitoes 10 times more effectively than DEET, the active ingredient in most commercial bug repellents. Plus, it'll only run you $3 to $5 for the plant.

So how exactly do you turn it into bug repellent? It's easy. Just chop up some catnip leaves and stems and place in a food processor. Put them in a pot with two cups of boiling water and steep. Strain the leaves, refrigerate the remaining liquid and pour into a spray bottle.

Apply this organic and eco-friendly solution before you head outdoors to protect yourself. You'll be saving money this season while repelling all those annoying insects.