Animals in games vs their real life counterparts

Video games rarely depict anything realistically. This is most obvious in the personification of animals. Just how much do animals in video games differ from their real life counterparts? Let's compare.

1). Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Hedgehog

Real hedgehogs don't come in blue nor do they have an affinity for collecting golden rings. They also can't walk on two legs and are actually quite slow. I don't know if you can put shoes on a hedgehog but I do know they have feet. So what do they definitely have in common? They both have feet.

2). Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare, and Slippy Toad vs Fox, Parrot, Rabbit, Toad

None of these animals belong in space. Aside from sort-of looking like their real-life comparisons they have nothing in common.

3). Tom Nook vs Raccoon

Tom Nook probably has most in common with the animal he was modeled after. Although your average not-so-friendly neighborhood raccoon probably isn't your landlord or local shop keeper, he sure is greedy. Just like Tom Nook.

4). Crash Bandioot vs. Bandicoot

Honestly, I didn't even know bandicoots were real animals until I started writing this article. Seriously, Crash looks absolutely nothing like and actual bandicoot... maybe the nose? Also, real bandicoots are nocturnal and Crash spends 100% of his time in the daylight. Likeness to the real thing? None. On a side note, whose decision was it to dress him in jorts? Jean shorts are not acceptable on anyone, ever.

5). Yoshi vs T-Rex

This one is the straight-up, weirdest of them all. Let me take you through my thought proccess:

At first I didn't even recognize Yoshi as a dinosaur. Once I realized he was a T-Rex I thought okay, but they don't really have anything in common. It's not like T-Rexes wear sneakers or have turtle shell saddles. I mean.. they do both lay eggs... but Yoshi's gentle ...he's not a predator like a T-Rex ....



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