For Sale: Conrad Hilton's Beached Houseboat in Florida Keys

101 Carroll St. Islamorada, FL
ZillowConrad Hilton's Bay Bourne Houseboat was seaworthy when it was built in 1948. Then Hurricane Donna came along.
By Emily Heffter

At first glance, it looks like something has gone very wrong. Why is this historic houseboat beached in the Florida Keys?

The 60-foot Chris Craft, called the Bay Bourne Houseboat, was seaworthy when it was built in 1948 for hotelier Conrad Hilton. It was docked at the resort next door, the Cheeca Lodge, when Hurricane Donna ripped through the Keys in September 1960. The boat came loose from its moorings and settled high and dry on US 1. It had to be rolled on telephone poles back to the beach and hasn't been to sea since.

Instead, the owners put the spacious 959-square-foot boat on a foundation and moved in. According to the family selling the property at 101 Carroll St. in Islamorada, President Harry Truman composed the Truman letters by hand on the spot, looking across the private beach at the Atlantic Ocean. (See the view he had in the slideshow below.)

President George H.W. Bush also reportedly stayed on the boat, which has been used recently as a vacation rental.

The home's price tag of $6.25 million is owed to the boat's remarkable location near downtown Islamorada (pronounced EYE-lam-o-RA-da). It comes with five acres and 300 feet of white sandy beach. Inside is a downstairs stateroom, two bathrooms, a galley kitchen, salon, a four-bunk upstairs stateroom and an upper deck.

"It's a really cool little spot," said agent Leslie Leopold of Ocean Sotheby's International Realty, who holds the listing along with Cheri Tindall.

The Bay Bourne Houseboat
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For Sale: Conrad Hilton's Beached Houseboat in Florida Keys

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