This Week's Greatest Hits (July 7 - 11)


This past week we launched Now Hiring, a new, daily feature where we explore the breadth and depth of jobs (all currently hiring) in a given industry. But along the way, we also gave you the great content you know and love, including a new column from career guru Jack Silbert, the return of our popular Job Descriptions Decoded, and a step-by-step breakdown of how to live (and live well!) on just $20,000 a year.

Take a look, and have a great weekend!
1. Now Hiring: Fitness, Fashion, Law Enforcement, Airline, and Construction Jobs
2. 4 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Cold Calls
3. 10 Cities Where Wages Are Increasing
4. Ask Jack: Sweaty Commutes, Bad Breath, And Job Of The Week
5. Job Descriptions Decoded: Childcare Assistant Teacher
6. Running With The Bulls
7. Translating Small-Talk
8. Can I Be Fired Because My Boss Knows I'll Be Leaving?
9. How To Live Well On $20,000 A Year
10. Workplace Bullies Are Running Amok
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