How to Get Free Moving Materials -- Savings Experiment

How to Get Free Moving Materials
How to Get Free Moving Materials

If you're planning a move, don't fret over the cost of moving and packing materials. There are ways you can get them for free.

The average price for packing materials needed to move a three-bedroom home can cost you up $200. That's definitely not cheap, but sites like can help.

Freecycle sites set up groups and individuals with free items for reuse or recycling. All you have do is enter your location and search or place an ad for moving-boxes. They're a frequently featured item, so they should be easy to find nearby.

Another option is to check out furniture stores. Not only will they have large boxes, but they'll also likely have padding materials like styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap.

Restaurants, retail outlets and supermarkets are also good places to try. Just ask the manager and you could find yourself walking away with all the boxes you need for your move.

So, if you're relocating, keep these tips in mind. One man's trash is often another man's treasure.