A Few Reasons to Stop Being So Productive

If the quantity impacts the quality.
If you're sewing shirts or pressing widgets or educating children, time spent on the work matters. What's better? 100 disposable products or 10 premium items?

If you make trouble, stop.
If you're incredibly productive and making a horrible product, being productive is a terrible thing. In fact, there's a word for it: counterproductive.

If you can't remember what you did yesterday.
You got so much done! You made so many things happen! You checked every item off of that list! Then you see a file you created yesterday and don't recognize it as your own and have no idea what to do with it--slow down, your brain is tired.

If your work has plateaued.
Doling the same work for years on end is a great way to do the same work for years on end. If that idea terrifies you, take a little time to step away from your work to ponder and improve it.
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