Divekick: Addition Edition!

Everyone's favorite two button fighter, Divekick, is getting an update! This is the first update the game has gotten since its 2013 release, and it's pretty awesome.

If you don't know what Divekick is, it's the world's first ever two-button fighting game that that brings all the fun of big name games like Street Fighter, but eliminates the never-ending series of input combinations you would have to memorize.

For casual gamers it offers a simplified experience compared to other fighting games. As for the serious FGC members out there, the game has a ton of easter eggs and pokes fun at the fighting game tropes.

Check out some of these new features and characters that are going to be added to Divekick.

Fun fact: I beat Adam 'Keits' Heart and 'The People's champ' Mike Ross at PAX East when the game was first released. Who knows? I may bring Dr. Shoals out of retirement for a few more foot dives this summer. ;)

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